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    GeaGIS is a professional organization with the primary business activities in the field of planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as providing educational and consulting services.

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Successful software development projects require good planning, knowledge transfer, and project management. Simply give us your ideas and outline your goals, we will create a plan to implement the development of your project.


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As part of our wider GIS Consultancy services, GeaGIS have been offering flexible approach to training and support which goes beyond that offered by the major software vendors. Our GIS training differs from the usual classroom environment because we tend to customise training to reflect the aspirations and particular datasets of the client.

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We would like to have the opportunity to speak with you and discuss how we might enhance your company’s success.

Everything that happens, happens somewhere. The value is knowing where.

GeaGIS helps decision makers make better business and operational decisions by leveraging spatial information through GIS.

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